Frequently Asked Questions!

We provide final year project guidance to graduate and post graduate students in India and Abroad.

We provide practical solutions and experience in technologies like JAVA, MATLAB,,,, PHP, NS2, Embedded Systems, Mechanical and Robotics.
We provide final year projects solution to BE/BTECH, ME/MTECH, BSC/BCA, MSC/MCA , PHD and Diploma Students.
Yes. We do provide transaction papers. It includes IEEE and Other International Journal Papers.
We will provide you atleast 3 project topics from our list of projects to be submitted in the college. We will be also giving you a brief idea about the project.
You can also bring your own project ideas and we will look into the reference papers and contact you for further process.
We will provide you with more project topics even after rejection. The process will continue till the topic is final.
We will be providing the content required to make a black book. The content will include basic topics such as abstract, introduction, survey, system design, system requirements, system analysis, UML & DFD diagrams, testing and test cases. We do not provide hard copy of the black book.
No. We do not provide power-point presentations. We will help you with it by giving you points to be included in the presentation. The presentation has to be made using the content provided by us.
The group is entitled to pay 50% of the project fees up front as soon as the project is selected in order to receive the content in time. Further, the fees will be paid in instalments in accordance with the modules delivered by the developer. The final payment has to be done before the final session.
We will conduct not more than 4 sessions. We will conduct a single session during the first semester in order to prepare you for the presentation. Further we will conduct sessions according to the availability of the developer and explain you the code module-wise starting from the second semester.
Yes. We will be conducting line by line explanation of the code and algorithms used in the project.
For BE/BTECH, We will make changes in the project which are feasible. The feasibility will be decided and approved by our project developer.
For ME/MTECH, We will be making changes from time to time according to your requirement provided it is necessary keeping in mind the logic of the project.